We understand the importance of a beautiful, natural and flawless makeup application finish to make your special day memorable. In doing that, we are contracted with licensed professional makeup artists to represent our makeup line in delivering those results to you. Whatever your special occasion maybe, rest assure that our makeup artists will deliver you the best service every time. We also understand that makeup isn’t the only key ingredients to making sure you will look as beautiful but that your hair styling and eyelashes is also the eye catching of what makes your special day unforgettable and memorable, therefore, we have added those services make you beauty look complete that day. 

It’s easy to get started with us. Simply fill out the simple information below and we will contact you.






Please review our prices on menu tab “Service Prices”. All prices list there are as is and may change if your request of the service entails more details. Please note that once you have agreed to our terms and conditions, there will be no refund if you should decide to go elsewhere before the service begin. We value our time as much as we care about of service satisfaction to you, so we hope that you read our terms and condition carefully.

We also appreciate your business and value your satisfaction with our service, of which, in any event if you should sense dissatisfaction with any of our stylists, please inform us and we will work on your behalf to get the situation resolve.

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